Flat Roofing

In contrast to the sloped roof, the flat roof is a horizontal roof.

In many cases, the roof has a slight slope that allows the water to run off into a gutter system to remove water after a raining. While some flat roofs allow the water to fall off the sides, a gutter system helps protect the walls and foundation from moisture.  One of the benefits of Texas flat roofing is that it is the most cost-effective roof shape, since it allows the building to use the maximum amount of space.flatroof

Repairing a Flat Roof

When the flat roof becomes damaged, it is important to place a tarp over the roof to protect it from leaks before hiring a flat roof repair company.

A flat roof repair company will remove all the damaged roofing materials and will then locate tears, seams and splits throughout the room. They will apply sealant tape and will then remove dirt using a power washer. They will then apply one of several flat roof coatings.

Replacing Flat Roofs

Eventually, the warranty provided to the homeowner by the flat roof installer will expire and the owner will need to hire a company to perform a flat roof replacement. Disrepair will become obvious when there are a lot of holes in the ceiling or if the roof panels come apart. Property owners can extend the life of their flat roofs by placing a polyvinyl coating over it and by regularly cleaning the drains. Performing the necessary maintenance techniques will shorten the time between when the flat roof is originally installed and when the property owner will need a flat roof replacement.

Choosing Between Flat Roofing Companies

Locating a quality flat roofing company can be difficult because flat roofs are not as common as sloped roofs. Oftentimes, a flat roofing company will only provide services to commercial businesses and will not provide roofing services to homeowners. However, those who choose to use a flat roof will want to locate at least three flat roofing companies who are capable of performing flat roof repairs.

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